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If you need a text field that will be used for passwords or some other type of confidential information, the PasswordField provides many of the TextField features but masks the display. Any entered text is displayed as a bullet, or "•" character. As with the TextField, the framework handles all of the editing logic within the field and generates a Mojo.Event.propertyChange event when the field has been updated.


<div x-mojo-element="PasswordField" id="passwordFieldId"
  class="passwordClass" name="passwordName"></div> 

Properties Required Value Description
x-mojo-element Required PasswordField Declares the widget as type 'PasswordField'.
id Required Any String Identifies the widget element for use when instantiating or rendering; should be unique in the document.
class Optional Any String Overrides the default style with a custom class.
name Optional Any String Adds a unique name to the widget; generally used in templates.


  Mojo.Event.propertyChange, this.handleUpdate);

Event Type Value Event Handling
Mojo.Event.propertyChange {model:model, property:property, value:value, oldValue: oldValue, originalEvent: originalEvent}


  this.attributes = {
      hintText: $L("Type Password")
  this.model = {

Attribute Properties

Attribute Property Type Required Default Description
modelProperty String Optional "value" Model property name for selector value.
hintText String Optional None Initially displayed string; supplanted by model value if supplied.
textFieldName String Optional None DEPRECATED If supplied, the text area will have this name, so that when it is serialized, the property can be easily pulled out.
inputName String Optional None If supplied, the text area will have this name, so that when it is serialized, the property can be easily pulled out
charsAllow Function Optional None Function must return 'true' to allow input character, or 'false' if not allowed; note: this event is sent as a result of a keyPress event, so you must check against key codes matching ASCII characters.
focus Boolean Optional FALSE DEPRECATED If true, field has focus on scene push.
autoFocus Boolean Optional FALSE If true, field has focus on scene push.
modifierState String Optional None Initial state of modifier keys for this field. Can be:
autoResize Boolean Optional FALSE DEPRECATED Automatically grow field horizontally.
growWidth Boolean Optional FALSE Automatically grow field horizontally.
autoResizeMax Integer Optional None Maximum width of field.
enterSubmits Boolean Optional FALSE When used in conjunction with multiline, if this is set, then enter key will submit rather than newline.
limitResize Boolean Optional FALSE Limit height resize (scrolls text rather than growing field).
preventResize Boolean Optional FALSE There will be no resizing in any dimension.
holdToEnable Boolean Optional FALSE If the textfield is disabled, tapping and holding and releasing will enable it; if disabled is not set, this is ignored.
focusMode String Optional Replace or Insert Mode; choices:
Either text will all be selected (Select), or a cursor will appear where the user tapped (Insert), or the cursor will go to end of the text (Append).
changeOnKeyPress Boolean Optional FALSE If true, sends a propertyChange event on every character change to a field; otherwise only when focus is lost.
textReplacement Boolean Optional FALSE Whether to enable the SmartTextEngine services of PalmSysMgr. Disabled by default in the PasswordField. Not recommended for use with PasswordField.
maxLength Integer Optional No Limit Maximum character length of field; does not apply to multiline fields, where it will be ignored.
requiresEnterKey Boolean Optional FALSE Enter key required to submit; other navigation will not genterate submit event.
holdToEdit Boolean Optional FALSE Tap and Hold to focus/edit; Tap only will be ignored.
autoCapitalization Boolean Optional FALSE The first letter of each word (determined by whitespace) is capitalized.

Model Properties

Model Property Type Required Default Description
value String Required Null Initial and updated value of widget


To invoke a method on a widget, use the scene controller's get method for the desired widget, and append mojo followed by the method.



Method Arguments Description
focus none Focuses the input part of the password field.
blur none Blurs the input part of the password field.
getValue none Gets the plaintext value of the password field.
setText String DEPRECATED Sets the plaintext value of the text field.
setValue String Sets the plaintext value of the text field.
getCursorPosition none Returns an object with {selectionStart: int, selectionEnd: int} that describes the position of the cursor; if start is not equal to end, then there is text selected.
setCursorPosition start, end Sets the cursor position in the input portion of the textfield; if start and end are not the same, then this will select the text between START and END; if start and/or end occur in invalid positions, they will be changed to valid positions at the end of the text if they were larger than the size of the value, or at the beginning, if they are smaller than the size of the value; empty text will result in a cursor at the start of the textfield.

Set x-mojo-focus-highlight=true on any parent div to have the focus class applied to it as well when the PasswordField widget becomes focused.